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"MLDM Solutions specializes in supporting organizations as they implement Microsoft technologies. Since Microsoft has about 80-90% of the market share and probably a significant presence in your enterprise, let us show you how to unleash the potential."

    Active Directory
    Locked-down, secure directory services with well-planned, well-documented, and well-implemented delegation of security (ACL'ing) of Active Directory.

    Deployment Methodologies
    21st century deployment methodologies to reduce the costs associated with building, maintaining, and updating "core loads" or "images" of client systems.

    Printing Services
    Flexible and effective printer configuration, management and deployment.

    Service Configuration and Security
    Enterprise service configuration and security to meet compliance and regulatory requirements (SEC ,. HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)

    Security and compliance
    Improved security and compliance with your own enterprise IT security policies

    Disaster Recovery
    Effective and thorough disaster recovery plans and procedures

    Data Protection
    Protection of users' business-critical data

    Data Backup
    Reduced cost and increased efficiency for data backup using DFS and Data Protection Manager

    Administrative Tools
    Customized administrative tools that provide just-right capabilities and enterprise-specific procedural guidance

    Automated Administration
    Automated administration and support through scripting

    Logging and Monitoring
    Improved monitoring, logging, and auditing

    Reduced End User Support Costs
    Reduced end user support costs through comprehensive back-end modifications to Group Policy, application installation, and preferences

    Auditing Of Changes
    Provisioning (and audit-trail) of changes to Active Directory

    Identity Management
    Identity Management and single sign-on

    Development Of Solutions
    Development of in-house solutions using web-based applications and Windows Forms applications

    Increased end-user productivity

Facilitating the design and implementation of Microsoft technology platforms

"When our clients want to leverage their in-house resources, they will engage us to transfer our expertise, so they can fully understand and support the implementation of a technology."
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